Building an Organic Audience on Social Media

We’ve recently had people asking us for info on building an organic audience on social media.

In short, content is king. Create blog posts that people will want to read, post videos that people want to watch and then link it back to your website.

Increasing your social media followers happens when you engage and build relationships on each network. The more you post interesting and relevant content the more likes and shares it will get, and so the more people you’ll reach.

Provide awesome visuals that not only stand out, but speak volumes about you, your product and your story. The best visuals on social media tend to include:

  • Vibrant colors and well-designed layouts
  • High-level photography
  • Visuals telling stories
  • Visuals showing products or services in a new light

In a recent video released by Facebook IQ, people consumed video content on Facebook and Instagram 5x longer than they did static content. This all helps when building an organic audience on social media.

Once you start to build up your quality of content, you’ll encourage external sites to link to your site with social media. Creating ‘in-bound links’ that are great for SEO.

Keep content short

With shorter attention spans contributing to the rise of online video, publishers need to make sure their own content on Facebook and Instagram is digestible and impactful, so that it not only captures the attention of users as they scroll through their feeds but also relays brand messaging or key points at the very beginning of the video. When writing blog posts, aim for these to be around 250 – 300 words to benefit your SEO and then share on social by ‘splintering’, one article can create 5 posts by pulling out different aspects.

Write Blog Posts with High Conversion Keywords

On all social networks, certain keywords generate more engagement than others. They attract more clicks and get more exposure. Using them intelligently in your social media updates can increase the visibility and effectiveness of your posts. Short Tail keywords used on social will increase reach, while longtail keywords in blog posts will improve your SEO.

Short Tail Keyword examples – Skiing, Alps

Long Tail Keyword example – Extreme Sports Photography Meribel, Laurie Taylor Signs Head Sponsor


Driving conversions and traffic from social media requires a combination of tweaks to your posts, and some structural changes to your website and blog that will become apparent through analytic tracking. In line with that, you need to keep a close eye on your social media stats to understand which content is performing well and how you can leverage it to increase your overall social media engagement.