3 Reasons to Understand the Sales Funnel

What is the sales funnel?

In it’s simplest form, the sales funnel represents the path to purchase that consumers take. First they become aware of who you are, what you sell, and more importantly, what your brand stands for. Then they move into the consideration category where they marry up how well your brand represents them as a person. In this stage they will explore their wants and needs and browse your product offerings. Purchase only happens when the consumer has decided that they need your product or want your brand to be a part of their lifestyle. Finally, brand loyalty, the thing we all dream of. When you have impressed that consumer enough that they come back for more and convince all their friends to buy your products too.

As you’ll see the sales funnel is an upside down triangle, this represents the volume of people at each stage, and really it’s mostly common sense.


Sales Funnel

Why Does it Matter

So why does this diagram even matter, everyone knows that more people will be aware of a brand than loyal brand evangelists. Well, it’s not so much about the very obvious words written in the little upside down triangle, it’s about HOW you help consumers move from one stage to another. The journey if you will. Here are my three reasons why you should understand the sales funnel;

Reason 1: knowledge is power – ignorance is bliss, but ignorance doesn’t lead to increased profits. Once you take the time to consider each category and how a consumer actually moves from one section to another you’ll be able to set a strategy in place.

Reason 2: more often than not, consumers don’t move through the sales funnel by themselves. It takes inspirational pictures on social media, adverts on their favourite websites and knowing when they need a helping hand. If you understand where your consumers are in the sales funnel, making a strategy is a whole lot easier.

Reason 3: you’ve learnt more about your prospective consumers, you’ve started to raise awareness in the correct places and driven desire at the times when they are sitting on the fence. Your strategy is working and you’re making people’s lives better for it, just look at all those happy faces. You’re winning.


Breaking Down the Snow Sports Industry

Snow sports fall into the ‘lifestyle’ category, we aren’t selling people things they need like food or electricity. We’re building a world for them based on desires and aspiration. Do they really need to buy the latest Goggles with built in GPS? No, but look how happy it makes them. We allow people to live their dreams, and that should be reflected in the way you present your brand and all your communications. Even if you take ski wax as an example, we don’t need it. Is it aspirational? Not when you think of it as wax… however when you communicate the freedom that comes from ripping it down a black run at full tilt, damn I wish I was there! The best way to help people through that sales funnel in the snow sports industry – give them something to dream about. Check out some of our work for examples to give you a bit of creative inspiration.


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