Digital Advertising Packages


Choose from the below digital advertising packages based on the description that best matches your company.

Product Based Business 

Goal: increasing web sales
Product-based advertising is aimed towards consumers who are already looking for specific products and it primarily uses targeting and re-marketing dynamic ad techniques. This type of advertising begins with the customer’s needs, perceptions and values and tailor’s elements of the advertising to encourage specific customers to buy.
Package Inc: Facebook/Inst Ads, Google Ads – Targeted, Re-marketing & Dynamic Ads.
Minimum Ad Spend £50 per month. Conditional fee, we only get paid when you see a return.
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Service Based Business

Goal: generating more clients
Client-based strategies begin by identifying the company’s target customers, building a profile describing how to reach and engage with new clients. The features of the business’ products or services are tailored toward the customer segments chosen. This strategy views customers as assets that provide returns over time on the investment required to attract them.
Package Inc: Facebook Ads for Lead Generation & Email Marketing.
Minimum Ad Spend £100 per month. Charged per half day at £120.
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Business to Business (B2B)

Goal: increasing sales
Advertising can either bedirected at business people or companies who buy products or services for business use. Alternatively, advertising can be put directly in front of the end consumer to create a demand that runs back up the chain increasing sales from the bottom, through the retailers, all the way back up to the top.
Package Inc: Facebook/Instagram Ads to increase demand for your product/service.
Minimum Ad Spend £50 per month. Charged per half day at £120.
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Sports Centre or Resort

Goal: increasing visitor numbers
Creating content is a great way to not only drive traffic from social media to a website, but also to involve people in the lifestyle that comes with our sport. Team that up with special seasonal promotions and some strong Facebook advertising and you’ll be driving people through the door of your centre as the ‘place to be’.
Package Inc: Facebook/Instagram Ads & Social Media Promotions.
Minimum Ad Spend £50 per month, plus giveaways. Charged per half day at £120 or Conditional Fee can be applied for larger online sales – we only get paid when you see a return.
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Organisation, Gov. Body or Charity

Goal: reaching as many people as possible
Any organisation at the top of its industry should be seen as the number one place to turn for information. For this reason your organisation must be creating the content that other people are sharing. This can be done remotely or through the live video streaming and social media coverage of events as and when they’re happening.
Package Inc: Facebook/Instagram Content Creation & Events Coverage.
Pricing based on Daily Rate of £240 at events, or per half day at £120 for remote work.
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