5 Tips to a Productive Workday

At Sapphire Mountain we pride ourselves on the work we do for our clients. The harder we work, the more likely we are to get recommended, and so our business grows. As a result, we have developed ‘best practices’ to keep us going all day long and deliver the best results for you. Here are our 5 tips to a productive workday!

productive workday


Productive Tip 1

Go to bed early – it starts the night before. If you go to bed early, it will allow you to wake up early. Having some me time in the morning allows you to prepare yourself for the day ahead, not to mention that the early hours are distraction free and can be the most productive time of the day.

Productive Tip 2

Start the day with exercise – exercise as we all know releases endorphins that make you feel good. A small dose of exercise can give you that morning boost to energise and focus your mind for all those tasks that need done.

Productive Tip 3

Make a prioritised plan – there are things that jump out at us saying ‘Me! Me! Me!’ but if they aren’t a high priority, then here’s a tip to put that urgency to good use. Sometimes we have more important tasks that need done, but that don’t come with a deadline. By prioritising a list with important things first, we can use the urgency or adrenalin of needing to complete another task, to make sure they both get done that day. Suddenly you’ll find yourself twice as productive.

Productive Tip 4

Create a distraction free zone – we are all susceptible to being distracted, if it’s something you are guilty of, make a mental note of what distracts you most and sucks away your free time. Once you know what it is, make a positive change to stop it from happening. If it’s e-mails, close your email client and set a time to check your emails once or twice a day. If it’s social media, put your phone in a drawer and keep it closed until lunch time.

Productive Tip 5

Take meaningful breaks – do you remember studying for exams? Processing information and focusing is much easier when you reset your mind. So whenever you find a natural break point in your work, stand up, make a cup of tea/grab a glass of water or even go outside. It will allow you to approach your next task with a fresh mindset and a great attitude!


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